The Definitive Guide to UKG Testing

Discover how to test faster and go-live sooner on UKG Dimensions


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Testing Methodology


Explore and understand the various types of testing that should be performed to test your UKG WFM solution effectively. Learn how each type of testing serves a specific purpose and evaluates a different aspect of your system to ensure that it is working as expected.

Test Planning

Test Planning

Developing a comprehensive Test Plan is an essential step toward successful project management of your UKG WFM initiative. A Test Plan promotes a shared understanding of scope, high-level timelines, and the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved.



Understand the key reports that provide the analytics needed to effectively manage QA for the majority of UKG projects. Gain transparency into test planning, writing, and execution, as well as clear and timely communication of testing results and defect status.

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What you'll learn

✓ Determine a UKG Testing Methodology approach that takes into account your distinct circumstances.

✓ Define Test Planning and how to leverage one to streamline your UKG WFM project.

✓ Examine the different Testing Activities in detail and the transition to and from each testing activity.

✓ Review Reporting & Analytics needed to effectively manage QA for the majority of UKG projects.