The Guide to Maintaining Pay Compliance

Learn how to maintain continuous pay compliance with automated testing


Here's a preview of what's of included:


IT Change Management

Discover how effective IT change management safeguards your organizations and makes it easier to make changes to your payroll system without getting heartburn.


Continuous Testing

Learn how a continuous testing program helps you proactively test every change, protect your organization, pay employees correctly and stay pay compliant.


Test Automation

Discover how to reduce the burden of repeated manual testing by 90% by taking advantage of test automation to test payroll system changes quickly and comprehensively.


This guide will:

  • Introduce and help you understand a proven approach to making changes to your payroll system.

  • Give you the information you need to implement an effective Continuous Testing Program.

  • Show you to minimize risks for you and your organization, maintain continuous pay compliance and keep paying your employees correctly.